The Design Case for the Pocket Door

Quick Facts

Design Challenge: Address the issues that plague pocket door hardware design and installation. 

Goals: Design for functionality, accessibility, and quality. Create hardware that is easy to install in a new space as well as into an existing retrofit or remodel. Deliver a modern, elegant aesthetic with highest quality materials and finishes that delivers unparalleled value.

The Outcome: The KOVA SELECT Pocket Door Handle and integrated approach to the entire assembly and installation.

Why do pocket doors have a bad rap? They are an elegant solution for a designer or homeowner that save space in tight rooms, eliminate door swing clearances and disappear discretely when not-in-use. 

In traditional building, the common pocket door is low-quality, hard-to-use, and expensive to install; and the common pocket door handle is flimsy and notoriously hard-to-use with a tiny finger pull and twist lock.

We set out to optimize every part of the pocket door from creating a more robust frame kit, a high-quality soft-close track, and most importantly: a completely re-imagined handle. The KOVA SELECT pocket door handle features a clean, modern design with concealed screws, large, easy to grasp handles, and a patent-pending linear-actuated-latch in materials that compete against the highest price tiers at a low-cost that can even install over your traditional handle cutout. This results in an elegant, easy-to-use, affordable, and high-designed pocket door solution that we are proud to launch this year. (Patent Pending)

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