KOVA Integration Helps Deliver Multi-family Project in Less Than 90 Days

Quick Facts

Where:  Spring Valley NV
What: 24-Unit Multifamily Garden Walk-up
Customer:  Wolff Company
Products Used:
Arvada Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
Monti Single-handle Lavatory Faucet
30-inch Free-standing Range
Time to completion: 86 working days

Using a combination of process and product innovation proven out in other industries, such as automotive and electronics, the Katerra K90 building project set out to optimize efficiencies and significantly decrease the time to project completion. Our overarching goals were to dramatically reduce construction schedule, create savings in material costs, and cut back on wasted time and materials onsite. 

A cross-functional planning team dissected every single piece of the project – big picture to nuts and bolts – and set an ambitious goal to deliver a 24-unit garden style apartment complex in record time, shortening the typical frame-to-finish timeframe from 140 days to 90 days without cutting corners or sacrificing design.

One of the most costly and least efficient parts of a building project is the finishing stage.  The incorporation of KOVA materials, specification, and precise costing in the very beginning of the project, during the design phase, allowed material costs to be controlled throughout the project and eliminated the need for value engineering and costly last-minute sourcing.  There was no guesswork on quality or aesthetic, and no final-hour shuffle to find that last fixture or piece of hardware.

One of the most impactful innovations was perhaps the most intuitive.  The entire project was powered by a total building bill of materials that included every wall truss, faucet, nut, and bolt.  Driving from that master kit of parts, manufacturing, sourcing, sequencing, and delivery of materials were integrated and holistic rather than fragmented and inexact, and this efficiency created tremendous time savings and quality control.  Materials were staged in the factory, delivered to specific Point of Use (POU) location at the building site just in time for implementation or installation, and each part and piece from wall trusses to faucets, down to the last valve was tracked via RIFD at every step and stage from manufacture through installation.

The results will transform the industry.

Not only was the K90 project successfully delivered in under 90-days, it also generated great learning for widespread future growth and innovation.


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