Two people. Four hours. Rethinking Bathroom Design and Installation

Quick Facts

  • Less Waste: Precision design and manufacturing means less wasted material and time.
  • Time saving: Designed to be installed in less than a day, by just two people.
  • Reduced costs: Up to 35% cost savings in materials, labor and loss.
  • Higher efficiency: Higher level of advance organization and streamlined installation methods optimize labor onsite.
  • Flexible: Kit can be customized to meet design goals and specifications.

Inherent in everything we touch is the innate desire to refine, simplify, and optimize. When we set our sights on creating cohesive cross-category KOVA bathroom fixtures and finishes, knowing what we know about the building process, we couldn’t stop there.

Bathrooms average 15-20% of an overall building’s costs and are widely accepted as one of the most challenging areas to deliver on budget, and on time.  We set out to change that. Cross-collaborating with design, product development, engineering, manufacturing, construction, and logistics, we used systems-level thinking to design a pre-packaged bathroom in a crate that includes everything you need to install an exceptional bathroom in less than a day, including a complete suite of KOVA fixtures and finishes that can be customized to fit the design goals of a project.

The kit is assembled in our factory in an innovative shipping cradle supported by the tub/shower surround, eliminating component damage and additional packing materials. The toilet, vanity, flooring, and all the fixtures, finishes and rough plumbing are snuggly nestled inside. Each kit is shrink-wrapped and can be delivered directly where it will be installed in a project. Components are loaded into the carton in the order of installation, so that product and materials are pre-staged to be ready when needed.

The bath kit is easily installed in about four hours by just two people.

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