For developers, designers, and builders, please utilize this section to find KOVA product documentation, latest sales catalogs, and more.

Please reach out to a sales representative to request a quote.

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Visit the Katerra Catalog for product cut sheets, inventory availability, warranty info, downloadable imagery, and more.

Katerra is an end-to-end services provider for building professionals, offering direct materials supply to a wide range of developer, builder, and renovation clients. KOVA is the official building products brand of Katerra, acting as the exclusive seller, distributor, installer, and warrantor of KOVA products.

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The efficiencies of our in-house supply chain — benefiting from volume ordering, elimination of middlemen, and streamlined logistics — help us offer these great products at the best possible prices.

We think this is what our clients should expect. Great products at a great value, with their selection and delivery made more simple.

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KOVA, KOVA SELECT, and other Katerra finish materials and products are currently for sale to professionals participating in the construction industry including sub-contractors, owners, developers, and general contractors. Please contact us at sales@katerra.com for more information on how to place an order.

You can purchase KOVA products through our sales customer service team. Start by reaching out to sales@katerra.com to be matched with a representative to guide you through the process. In the near future we will be launching an online ordering platform for our customers, please contact us if you are interested in participating in a beta program for this platform.

KOVA is a building products brand developed by Katerra, a company providing end-to-end building products and services. Katerra utilizes the KOVA catalog of materials for the projects which we design and build for clients, but we also make this portfolio of great products available to others in the industry as well through our direct material sales team.

You can find detailed product specifications for all KOVA and KOVA SELECT products at catalog.katerra.com. For more information on other Katerra products, such as structural wall systems, or any other products not found on the catalog, please contact one of our sales representatives at sales@katerra.com.

Please contact one of our sales representatives for a price quote at sales@katerra.com.

Please plan for 48 hours for shipment of small orders and 3-5 business days for shipment of large orders.

We can deliver via mail courier or truck depending on the size of the order.

We offer installation services for certain products in a variety of geographic markets. Please contact our sales representative at sales@katerra.com for more information.

All KOVA products have a warranty. The length and terms of the warranty will vary by category and application. All warranties are available for each product at catalog.katerra.com.

Yes we offer replacement parts where applicable. Please contact a sales representative at sales@katerra.com for more information.

KOVA and KOVA SELECT are made of responsibly sourced, high quality materials specified to withstand the wear and tear faced in a multi-family or commercial environment. KOVA branded products represent the best value for cost and will exceed our customers expectations every time. Your sales representative can provide further detail about specific product inquiries.

We set rigorous quality standards for our products that are tested to and verified by independent 3rd party labs. All KOVA products are subjected to our battery of tests which cover concerns related to quality, longevity, ease of installation, and environmental concerns.