KOVA Debuts AI-Powered HVAC System: KOVA Comfort Intelligent HVAC

KOVA Debuts the First Non-Industrial AI-Powered HVAC System: KOVA Comfort Intelligent HVAC

Intelligent HVAC The Intelligent HVAC System Uses Behavioral, Environmental, and Unit-Specific Inputs to Revolutionize Comfort and Energy Efficiency



Austin, TX Business Wire September 12, 2023 Building material solutions leader KOVA launches KOVA Comfort Intelligent HVAC, an innovative, AI-powered HVAC system that seamlessly integrates into building projects creating healthier, more comfortable environments based on a variety of inputs, including users’ daily routines. Pushing beyond the current industry offerings of IoT and “smart” systems, KOVA Comfort leverages behavioral, environmental, and unit-specific occupancy inputs to learn, personalize, and optimize comfort and energy usage in each unique living environment. With a minimal footprint, sleek design, and elegant profile, the compact system is a cutting-edge solution for multifamily, student housing, hospitality, and residential properties.

KOVA Comfort harnesses advanced machine learning in conjunction with an AI-driven processor to enhance system performance over time, simultaneously improving energy efficiency and ensuring ultimate comfort within any given space. While traditional HVAC systems are prone to inefficient downtime and excessive energy use, KOVA Comfort addresses these challenges by combining existing energy efficiency capacities with AI and a variable-speed compressor and fan. This significantly minimizes the energy needed to meet heating or cooling loads. The powerful onboard processor captures, analyzes, and learns from many diverse inputs including ambient temperature, humidity, occupancy, and day-to-day usage patterns. Leveraging AI-driven data models, KOVA Comfort can predict the least amount of power needed to optimize climate controls, resulting in more than 30% energy savings. Standard thermostat controls and Bluetooth mesh connectivity are available between units to optimize comfort across living spaces.

“AI is taking the world by storm at the moment. With KOVA Comfort, we will demonstrate how AI and machine learning can be leveraged alongside top-notch HVAC engineering in ways that can positively impact people and the planet,” says KOVA’s Head of HVAC Brent Sturgell. “In a market oversaturated by ‘smart’ devices, KOVA Comfort is a unique approach to climate control, one that paves the way for more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and space-saving solutions across the board.”

While increasing energy efficiency through integrated AI, KOVA Comfort also reduces capital and operating costs. With prices steadily climbing in the real estate market, every square inch of any space holds value. For this purpose, KOVA Comfort is designed for installation between standard vertical stud walls, eliminating the loss of valuable unit square footage inherent in traditional HVAC systems. The slim form factor, along with the innovative wall-integrated sleeve and quick-connect mechanism, ensures fast and easy installation, leading to reduced labor and material costs. No ducting or soffits, nor intrusion on the interior footprint are required, while the raised louvers deliver airflow at optimal height. Additionally, the clean, modern aesthetic of KOVA Comfort allows for seamless pairing with large glazing units.

“We are proud to introduce a new generation of HVAC to the industry,” remarks KOVA President Trevor Schick. “KOVA Comfort embraces the future in more ways than one. The system applies cutting-edge technology to help address real-world challenges. Our goal is to help our customers address the ever-changing industry and climate landscape by making it easier to create healthier, more sustainable infrastructure for their projects.”

KOVA continues to reshape how building materials are designed, manufactured, and assembled in an effort to build a future material supply that is circular in nature. To learn more about KOVA and the emerging brand’s latest product offerings, please visit www.kovaproducts.com.





KOVA is a leader in integrated, whole-project building material solutions, from faucets and flexible interior wall systems to facades, all designed to provide high-quality products at an exceptional value from one reliable supply chain partner. Serving all project types from single and multi-family residential to retail, hospitality, and commercial, KOVA works with clients to create healthier, beautiful, more sustainable spaces. KOVA’s cross-category offering prioritizes value and performance with products that range from the building envelope, such as impact glazing and expansive window walls, to the smallest interior details, including elegant faucets and bath accessories. Through three distinct product categories, Construct, Connect, and Components, KOVA provides an extensive selection of high-performance solutions that inspire bigger ideas for a better world. Derived from the prefix “co-,” meaning “together,” and the word “va” from the Latin root meaning “go,” KOVA’s company leadership believes that the building process is about moving forward together to build better projects and a better future. KOVA’s multidisciplinary team of pragmatic innovators continue to develop products that positively impact project outcomes, end users, and the planet at-large. For more information about KOVA, please visit www.kovaproducts.com.




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