Pebble Quartz Countertops

Model QZ-3C-360-PB


From modern minimalism to eye-catching elegance, KOVA quartz offers a presence that endures through trends. With a mix of classic and modern styles, timeless colors, and a focus on durability; KOVA quartz combine the best features to provide timeless styles that elevate a space and the time spent in it.

  • *All slabs are Jumbo slabs but can be ordered cut to any size & fabrication
  • Countertops completely ready to install without additional fabrication in the field
  • Quartz surfaces are naturally non-porous making them easy to clean and maintain without additional sealing
  • Resistant to most staining
  • Scratch resistant due to the natural hardness of the quartz raw material
  • Countertops are made of up to 93% natural quartz bound together with resins and polymers and colored with various pigments

Material Engineered Stone

Pattern Stone

Thickness 3 cm

Weight 833 lbs

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