KOVA DELIVERS Great Materials at a Great Price. Every Time.

KOVA products are designed to eliminate the usual trade-offs, delivering the perfect balance of form, function, and value.

Today, finishing a building can be the most fragmented phase of a project. Designers and builders have to source every category of finish material from multiple vendors, while constantly hunting to find the best prices and quality.

Too often, this results in compromised designs that reflect the realities of value engineering, or a blown budget in order to fulfill the original vision.

Superior materials shouldn’t blow your budget; great pricing shouldn’t raise concerns about quality. We do the hard work up front to strike the optimal balance with every KOVA product, so clients can make material selections more easily, with greater certainty.

Just “go build” — we’ll take care of the rest.

Design. There’s no need to sort through hundreds of options in each category, for every project. KOVA is a curated selection of timeless products — elegantly simple forms and finishes, selected to complement any style, enhance any space, and look good both today and tomorrow.

Quality. Our manufacturing and quality assurance teams scrutinize every aspect of fabrication, packaging, and delivery to exceed the typical quality and performance standards.

Value. We work hard to offer an unrivaled blend of design, quality, and price—to help make high quality products accessible to all and dramatically raise the bar on value for money.

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KOVA is launching with a line of interior fixture and finish products, and will continue to expand to additional product categories over time.


KOVA offers plumbing products for all your project needs, from rough plumbing valves and connectors to beautiful kitchen and bathroom faucets for any décor. KOVA has a full suite of bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures in fully coordinated finishes.



KOVA lighting is your source for cutting-edge LED lighting technology. Our products provide top-of-the-line light quality and rendering, and are designed to seamlessly integrate into any space.

Kova Lighting


Our range of appliances is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Fully coordinated controls and features provide a unified grouping, and add style and utility at a fraction of the cost.

Kova Appliances

Home Accessories

KOVA offers a wide variety of home accessories for every room in the house. Crafted from high-quality materials these products will be a fixture in your design for years to come.

Home accessories


KOVA finish electrical products integrate seamlessly into any space, their simple design and extensive compatibility.



KOVA flooring offers carpet, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, and tile. Our variety of finishes and colors allow for limitless design possibilities.



KOVA is the building products brand of Katerra. As an end-to-end services provider for building professionals, Katerra offers direct materials supply to a wide range of clients.

Visit the Katerra Catalog to browse KOVA products in detail and inquire about purchasing.