KOVA Select

Go. Together.

Imagine if we could design every element of a building down to the last detail to be seamlessly integrated and harmonious?

Introducing KOVA SELECT, a premium line within the KOVA family of products. KOVA SELECT offers superior design without the premium prices.

The KOVA SELECT design aesthetic delivers highly cohesive interiors, with coordinated design details and finish palettes across product categories. The result is spaces that feel innately satisfying and seamlessly integrated, down to the smallest detail.

Life in perfect harmony.


The spaces we live in are so often imperfect. Uncoordinated from product to product. Lacking attention to detail. As a team of designers, thinkers, and do-ers, we began to ask ourselves — why?

KOVA SELECT products strive for a deep attention to detail — consistent shapes and forms, cross-category aesthetic consistency, master coordination of finishes and graphics.

Our products are designed to serve their functional purpose as simply as possible – classic geometric forms, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. “Less design, but better.”

Thoughtful modular configuration systems allow us to work from a standard kit of parts to deliver multiple products with a range of configurations. Aggregating our designs towards shared product components offers newfound material cost efficiency without sacrificing on quality.


Explore KOVA SELECT products, all designed to work seamlessly together and available in a range of finishes. Check back often as additional KOVA SELECT will continue to roll out in the months ahead.


KOVA SELECT plumbing fixtures are created by our designers to be a perfectly coordinated collection — simple timeless designs that will complete any room.

Kova Select Plumbing

Doors & Windows

KOVA SELECT door hardware is available in our three finishes, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, and Matte Black. Our innovations in pocket door hardware will change the way you use sliding doors in your projects.

Kova Select Doors & Windows


KOVA SELECT lighting provides the essential solutions you need for illuminating your project. Our LED fixtures are the highest quality in light quality and longevity.

Kova Select Lighting


KOVA SELECT flooring has been crafted to coordinate colors and finishes across different product lines to create an extensive palette for flooring products.

Kova Select Flooring


KOVA SELECT Appliances offer high-end solutions at accessible prices. This appliance package will elevate your kitchen experience to new levels.

Kova Select Appliances


KOVA is the building products brand of Katerra. As an end-to-end services provider for building professionals, Katerra offers direct materials supply to a wide range of clients.

Visit the Katerra Catalog to browse KOVA products in detail and inquire about purchasing.