KOVA Products are designed to eliminate the usual trade-offs, delivering the perfect balance of form, function, and value.


Why sort through hundreds of products from dozens of vendors and sources in every category for each project?  KOVA is a curated selection of timeless products — elegantly simple forms and finishes, selected to complement any style, enhance any space and look good both today and tomorrow.


KOVA products are validated by rigorous 3rd party testing and certifications.  In addition, our manufacturing and quality assurance teams scrutinize every aspect of fabrication, packaging and delivery to exceed the typical quality and performance standards.  All KOVA products carry industry standard warranties as well.


We work tirelessly to offer unrivaled balance of design, quality and price.  Good design doesn’t have to be expensive, and superior materials shouldn’t blow your budget. 

Cohesive. Comprehensive. Cost-effective.
Across all finish material categories.


Bathroom Accessories

Plumbing Fixtures

Door Hardware


Ceramic Tile & Glass Tile


Lighting Fixtures

Window Coverings

KOVA Design

We resist trend in favor of meaningful design that will stand the test of time.

We have set a high bar for KOVA. Products that deliver on the promise of design, quality, and value require incredibly intentional design.

KOVA products come to life through a rigorous design process, fueled by collaboration with cross-functional teams that offer a broad understanding of building design and assembly. We incorporate learning from architects and engineers, software developers, contractors, and master tradespeople, all to amplify the driving force behind KOVA: our Seattle-based Industrial Design team.

Our Design Vision


Less is more. The best products are the result of simplicity and restraint. Stripping away non-essential elements alleviates burdens and elevates both form and function. Our products resist trend in favor of design that will stand the test of time, allowing function to be the driving force behind the form.


Good design should be accessible to all. We believe products are most successful when they’re designed to serve the broadest universe of users, at any price point. Our goal is to design products that are affordable but meet the highest design and quality standards; product that are fully accessible without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.


KOVA products are not designed in a vacuum. We are keenly aware of how each individual product fits into a broader architecture or eco-system.  While KOVA products stand on their own, each is intentionally designed and engineered down to the finest detail to deliver the highest quality while contributing seamlessly to the system or space in which it lives.

Our process


We strive to create products that elevate everyday living, searching for pain points – big and small – that detract from the user experience. Our team considers how these problems impact architects, designers, builders, as well as the end user of a product, with a singular question in mind: how can we build it better?  Drawing on this broad frame of reference, we leverage learnings that help us freely connect dots previously challenging to identify. We question ingrained ideologies and consider emerging technologies to better understand how, and when, they play a useful role in our product development.


While a great concept can sometimes arrive in a moment of inspiration, a good product isn’t built on a whim. Iterative concepting, testing, proving, and refining are essential parts of our process, as is the integration of engineering from the earliest stages of development. We create as many models, prototypes and proof of concept as it takes to realize our goals, and we are not satisfied with a product that is “almost” there.


We are mindful of the many hands that touch a product from manufacture through installation and, ultimately, the people who will interact with a product every day. As part of Katerra’s integrated team, we have the luxury of collaborating with cutting edge, cross-discipline experts across architecture, engineering, supply chain, construction, and technology. We visit the field to see products installed in building projects and peek behind the curtain at our own factories to see how products are built, enabling us to take a holistic systems approach to product development and design. Shining a light on the optimization of every component in a product, including those hidden behind a wall or inside a box, is an essential part of our process. The result? Products that are easier to interact with across all touchpoints.