Design is an expression of values.

Our acts of design are a commitment to a future where buildings empower humans to be their best selves.

Our Approach

Our process originates in deep knowledge of buildings and the systems that surround them and the processes that create them.

We approach the building as an assembly of assemblies, ranging in scale from a faucet to a facade, each of which can be optimized individually and inserted into any building– lending repeatability and predictability to otherwise bespoke outcomes, and also enabling trading them out to upgrade them over the life of the building.

We iterate on designs, build prototypes, and test these ideas, in order to make sure that they are scalable to the industry at large.


The New KOVA Design Lab

Great products don’t come to life without a lot of hands-on, hard work. Our new R&D Lab is a place to roll up our sleeves and getdown to the business of conceptualizing, prototyping, iterating, improving, and ultimately realizing ideas that will become tomorrow’s built environment.

“Every act of design is an intention to create impact. Good or bad, we need to see ourselves as accountable to the outcomes we’re producing, asking ourselves, ‘What will I create today in service of the better world I want to see?’”




Our Design Principles

Building materials have an outsized impact on projects, people, and the planet. We are committed to building a material supply that addresses the impact of product on people and the planet not only on day 1 of a project but rather on how materials impact the world 10, 20, 50 years from today.


Create with human interaction and use in mind.


Future proof systems that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.


Create harmony using the most simple, natural approach.


Design for manufacture, deliver high value, pragmatic, intelligent solutions.

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