KOVA Comfort Intelligent HVAC

More comfortable spaces for people, less impact on the planet.

Next generation HVAC optimized by advanced machine learning to create comfortable, efficient living spaces

KOVA Comfort uses behavioral, environmental and occupant inputs to adapt, personalize, and maximize comfort in each unique living environment.

Great for multifamily, hospitality, student housing, and single-family.

How It Works

KOVA Intelligent HVAC is designed around a powerful onboard processor to create the first system with the ability to capture, analyze, learn, and optimize comfort and performance over time.


Ultimate Flexibility without compromise

30%+ more energy efficient

AI-driven optimization and a variable-speed compressor work together to use only the energy needed to meet heating or cooling loads. This creates less bouncing of power, greater comfort and less energy use throughout the day delivering up to 30% energy savings.

Integrated Architectural Design

A clean, modern aesthetic and slim profile provides a compact footprint that does not consume valuable interior space and allows for pairing with large glazing units.

Easy to install and maintain

Easily fits within a standard stud wall with trim and waterproofing done in factory. Only requires electric installation and sleeve & support bracket installation with minimal finishing requirements.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive built-in control, easy to navigate. Control single HVAC or orchestrate control across an entire living space. Standard thermostat controls and schedules with AI-enabled selections that optimize for comfort and/or energy efficiency. Built-in sensors to optimize operations, comfort, and performance.

Designed for easy assembly in the field.

KOVA Comfort was designed to fit between standard 16″ stud walls to make installation faster and to lower labor hours in the field. Easy disassembly from the interior makes repair and replacement easier and limits downtime.

Power Supply 208/230/1/60

Power Supply Operating Range 187-253 (v)

Compressor Variable Speed Rotary

Indoor Blower Backward Curve Blower

Outdoor Fan Axial Fan

Electric heat (Power/AMPS) 1300 (w) / 3.25 (A)

Dimensions (H x W x D) 89-in x 14.3-in x 11.75-in

Weight 110 lbs

Return Air Filter MERV 6 / 8 / 13

Fresh Air Filter MERV 6 / 8 / 13

About Kova

Solving tomorrow’s challenges today

Design Vision

Design is an expression of values.


Want to learn more?

Some insights into our work, our vision of the future, and how to work with us.

We engage with customers across the building industry, from architects and designers to developer, general contractors, and subcontractors.  Our products are deployed in commercial, residential, multifamily and single family projects in urban and suburban developments across the US.

We are working to simplify and de-risk the building value chain.  We believe that integrated, whole-project solutions available from one efficient source, make selection, project management and logistics easier, and less risky.

Our ultimate goal is to help designers, developers, and builders create beautiful, high quality projects without the tremendous churn, wasted time, and overrun budget that the typical material supply chain drives.

It’s easy.  Let’s talk about your next project. 

One size does not fit all. We take a flexible approach to our process and rules of engagement allowing us to meet client needs across categories and at any stage of a project.  

That said, our goal is to engage as early as possible to create early pricing certainty that allows you peace of mind and helps avoid value engineering and cost creep during construction.

We meticulously choose manufacturing partners, primarily in North America, who have a proven track record, the ability to innovate with us, and the capacity to scale.  As our supply chain scales to meet demand, we are building partnerships around the world to help create supply security.


Reach out to the KOVA sales team today and start the conversation.

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