NEW Window Wall

Our innovative approach to window wall is engineered to provide maximum design and performance flexibility, easy, safer installation entirely from the interior or a building, and premium performance for a great value.

Features & Benefits

Maximum Design Flexibility

An adaptable PVC thermal break allows for two different assembly and design expressions: glue or cap options.

An adaptable kit of parts

Our modular approach includes a thermal break assembly that adapts to accommodate different panel materials or thicknesses.

Safer, faster installation

Our tilt-in panel design allows for efficient panel installation from the interior of the building, making field work easier, safer, and less costly.

Designed for disassembly

A non-strutted system, thoughtfully designed with disassembly in mind, makes it easy to reuse or recycle parts and pieces.

Premium Performance at a Great Price

KOVA offers best-in-class performance at a great value.

Ideal for use in mid-rise commercial or residential projects.
Common Dimensions:
Width: 5’ – 8’
Height: 10’-12’

Sightline: 2 ½-in
Mullion Depth: 5-in
Framing Installation Method: Tilt-up from the interior

Glass Types: IGU and TGU
Glass Configuration: Front
Glazling Installation: Structural Glazing

NFRC 100

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